verifying unpacked signed add-ons

David Keeler dkeeler at
Fri Nov 3 22:25:39 UTC 2017

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Hello All,

As you're no doubt aware, from 57 onwards, only signed WebExtensions
will be available as add-ons for the general release population. My
understanding is these are all packaged as "xpi" files (zip files,
really, but what's important is that they're bundled up as a single file
rather than a directory). Add-on developers can develop their add-ons by
temporarily loading them as unsigned packages or unsigned unbundled
directories (again, if my understanding is correct).

This leaves the question of what use we have for verifying unbundled
add-ons. Is there ever a case where we want to verify an unbundled yet
signed add-on? For example, do we ever do this with system add-ons? (And
if we do, I've been told this would be bad for performance, so perhaps
we should disallow this?)


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