Bancontact apps blocked by Firefox

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I’ve bought yesterday on the website  ( on pc), when I want to pay, i choose bancontact but the one with smartphone ( you take the smarphone and you scanned the  barcaode on the pc and it’s pay in 2 second) but your Firefox blocked this access  with error.
It’s very annoying because i’ve to do it manuelly with my box and to encode eveything.


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On 30-03-17 01:25, Dave Townsend wrote:
> Can you describe more about what aspect of Bancontact is blocked, do you
> receive some kind of error message? I don't know the system so it is
> difficult to understand what the problem is.

Also, what operating system is this happening on? Windows? Android? iOS?

I checked Android and websites will present a link of the format

Opening that with Firefox correctly launches the app on my phone. The
sites seem to expect a reply back from the app, no idea if that involves
the browser.

Aside from that, the app is a total nuisance: it won't run on any phone
that has ever been rooted, it won't run with debugging enabled, it won't
accept names with dashes (thanks Bankcontact guys for telling me I have
a not allowed name!), names that are too long (seriously?). Linking up
your card asks for your 2FA credentials. As there's no way to verify
this connection is secure or what you are connected to, I bailed out
here. Entering my 2FA credentials in this app would be a violation of
the usage agreement of my bank card, and void any fraud warranties.

Luckily, I've never needed this app for any "bankcontact" payments.
Every shop I've ever used sends you to a payment processor's website
which work properly in the browser using HTTPS.


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