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Cory Price cprice at
Wed Mar 29 15:51:11 UTC 2017

This is a notice of intent to implement the Firefox Screenshots system
add-on in desktop Firefox.


- Bug:
- Repo:
- Wiki:
- IRC: #screenshots
- Project deliverables / tracking:
(note the spreadsheet is only accessible to Mozilla employees)


Firefox Screenshots (previously called Page Shot in Test Pilot) integrates
screenshot and share-to-web in Firefox with powerful search features to
find past shots.

It will be shipped as a Go Faster system add-on, and also live in the
Firefox tree.  Periodic releases will be imported into the tree.

Firefox Screenshots will be an Embedded WebExtension, with most of the
functionality implemented in a WebExtension and a bootstrap.js wrapper to
read Telemetry preferences, manage migration from the Test Pilot Page Shot
add-on, and to allow users to disable the WebExtension.

Errors that occur in the Screenshots code will be reported to Mozilla’s
Sentry instance.  Sentry is a server application specifically for
collecting and reporting on exceptions. Behavioral events from the add-on
are submitted to the Screenshots server. Both kinds of reporting are
disabled if Telemetry is disabled.

Architectural documentation is in docs/ and addon/ in the repository.

For the purposes of Sentry submission we include the Raven library in the
WebExtension <>.  No other external
libraries are used.


We are currently targeting Firefox 54, with the hopes of landing a fully
functional MVP in advance of Firefox 54 Beta, by April 18th, 2017.


Ian Bicking: Engineering
Jared Hirsch: Engineering
Danny Coates: Engineering
Wil Clouser: Engineering Management
John Gruen: Product Management
Cory Price: Program Management
Michelle Heubusch: Content Strategy
Peter DeHaan: QA
Morpheus Chen: UX
Fang Shih: UX
And more:

Cory Price
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