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Chris Hutten-Czapski chutten at
Mon Mar 27 20:35:10 UTC 2017


  Recently, due to an influx of eager Google Summer of Code candidates, we
had a run on Good First Bugs. As a result, we in Toolkit::Telemetry came up
with a Good First Bug Generator that might generate bugs for your very own

  It turns out that Telemetry probes expire, and that not everyone cleans
up after themselves when they do. So we have dozens of expired probes just
sitting in Histograms.json, doing nothing.

  These probes have been sitting idle since as early as Firefox 35 and
their removals are straightforward code deletion in most cases. This
combination of zero-pressure and ease makes for perfect Good First Bugs.

  To generate your very own Good First Bugs, look for an expired probe in
toolkit/components/telemetry/Histograms.json. After you find one (or a
group of related expired probes), load up this bugzilla template -- -- and fill in your particulars (don't neglect the
Mentor field so it shows in Bugs Ahoy). Once it's filed, move it to the
correct component (maybe even yours!).

  And there you have it. Another Good First Bug to hook contributors into
components as diverse as there are components with expired Telemetry
probes. Here's one I prepared earlier for some probes in Notifications:

  Please share these instructions as widely as you'd like. As far as I
know, this isn't just a selfish effort to induce others to remove
long-expired Telemetry probes so I don't have to :)

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