In-product SUMO links broken in non-en-US builds

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Thu Mar 23 20:06:00 UTC 2017

Thanks for jumping on a quick call Johann, Giorgos and Benjamin.

Per Madalina's update on the bug
<>Lithium is working on
an interim fix which is due tomorrow. And, we need to test this interim fix
to ensure its done right.

The further steps is for us to meet with Lithium engineering team to
identify the right permanent fix and find owners to implement it on Firefox
and/or Lithium. If its harder with Lithium folks jumping on a call with us,
seems like they are based out of SF and we can have an in person meeting at
Mozilla or Lithium office.

We'll meet tomorrow and there after to drive this to finish.

Madalina - Please propose a check-in meet time for the status.



On Thu, Mar 23, 2017 at 11:55 AM, Erin Lancaster <elancaster at>

> If it's not too late for you, we are in my vidyo room we are on with some
> other folks. Thank you so much.
> On Thu, Mar 23, 2017 at 11:54 AM, Johann Hofmann <jhofmann at>
> wrote:
>> Sure, I can volunteer as a point of contact and would forward any bigger
>> questions to the Firefox team.
>> Thank you for acting so quickly on this! :)
>> Johann
>> On 23/03/2017 19:34, Erin Lancaster wrote:
>> Johann, Dão: Mahe is making progress figuring out who is involved here
>> and what some next steps should be but we need a single point of contact on
>> the Firefox engineering team. We don’t have any specific requests as of yet
>> but can Mahe loop one of you in? If not, do you have someone else you can
>> suggest?
>> Thank you,
>> Erin
>> On Mar 23, 2017, at 11:27 AM, Erin Lancaster <elancaster at>
>> wrote:
>> On Thu, Mar 23, 2017 at 10:14 AM, Peter Dolanjski <pdolanjski at
>> > wrote:
>>> +Joni
>>> On Mar 23, 2017 12:19 PM, "Liz Henry (:lizzard)" <ehenry at>
>>> wrote:
>>>> This issue is serious enough that fixing it should be a high priority
>>>> for Firefox 52 as well as a blocking issue for the release of 53. I see
>>>> this as breaking a major user-facing part of our product.
>>>> How about this as an option:  walking back to Kitsune immediately,
>>>> until the new system is fixed *and tested* by Firefox QE.   Is that
>>>> possible and what would it take to switch back to our working system?
>>>> Best
>>>> Liz
>>>> On Thu, Mar 23, 2017 at 7:06 AM, Johann Hofmann <jhofmann at>
>>>> wrote:
>>>>> As mentioned in the bug, this also affects most security information
>>>>> such as cert error pages and the in-content insecure password warning.
>>>>> The fact that it takes a long time to get this issue fixed does not
>>>>> speak in favor of the migration. I would really like to see an official
>>>>> statement explaining the reasons we are dropping Kitsune.
>>>>> What is unclear to me:
>>>>> - Why was the decision to make us depend on a proprietary third-party
>>>>> vendor done without feedback or announcement to any other part of the
>>>>> organization?
>>>>> - It seems like there were at not point any Firefox engineers involved
>>>>> in this. Why did nobody cross-check with the Firefox Owner/Peers?
>>>>> - No Mozilla developers were involved in testing the new platform
>>>>> before it went live. Testing was done by the marketing team. I can
>>>>> understand that resources may be limited for maintenance, but why was it
>>>>> decided that no engineers can be spared to integration test the new
>>>>> platform?
>>>>> - Is this decision in line with the module owners of SUMO?
>>>>> Absurdly, the modules page lists the owners of SUMO as the maintainers
>>>>> of Kitsune ( Is this no
>>>>> longer up to date? I'd like to think the lack of communication around this
>>>>> is in violation of our governance policies.
>>>>> Johann
>>>>> On 23/03/2017 14:29, Sylvestre Ledru wrote:
>>>>> Hello
>>>>> FWIW, this has been a very important source of issue and frustration
>>>>> for the release management team too.
>>>>> This added some frictions at the end of the 52 release cycle.
>>>>> Sylvestre
>>>>> Le 23/03/2017 à 14:26, Dão Gottwald a écrit :
>>>>> Apparently in-product links to SUMO have been broken in non-en-US
>>>>> builds for at least two weeks:
>>>>> Two weeks passing without a resolution to this seems unacceptable.
>>>>> Why have we switched SUMO to third-party software and pulled our own
>>>>> engineers without at least announcing this decision through the appropriate
>>>>> channels (this includes this mailing list) to allow people to voice
>>>>> concerns as to what this means for our products?
>>>>> Can we switch back from Lithium and resource SUMO appropriately again?
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