In-product SUMO links broken in non-en-US builds

Johann Hofmann jhofmann at
Thu Mar 23 14:06:23 UTC 2017

As mentioned in the bug, this also affects most security information 
such as cert error pages and the in-content insecure password warning.

The fact that it takes a long time to get this issue fixed does not 
speak in favor of the migration. I would really like to see an official 
statement explaining the reasons we are dropping Kitsune.

What is unclear to me:

- Why was the decision to make us depend on a proprietary third-party 
vendor done without feedback or announcement to any other part of the 
- It seems like there were at not point any Firefox engineers involved 
in this. Why did nobody cross-check with the Firefox Owner/Peers?
- No Mozilla developers were involved in testing the new platform before 
it went live. Testing was done by the marketing team. I can understand 
that resources may be limited for maintenance, but why was it decided 
that no engineers can be spared to integration test the new platform?
- Is this decision in line with the module owners of SUMO?

Absurdly, the modules page lists the owners of SUMO as the maintainers 
of Kitsune ( Is this no 
longer up to date? I'd like to think the lack of communication around 
this is in violation of our governance policies.


On 23/03/2017 14:29, Sylvestre Ledru wrote:
> Hello
> FWIW, this has been a very important source of issue and frustration 
> for the release management team too.
> This added some frictions at the end of the 52 release cycle.
> Sylvestre
> Le 23/03/2017 à 14:26, Dão Gottwald a écrit :
>> Apparently in-product links to SUMO have been broken in non-en-US 
>> builds for at least two weeks:
>> Two weeks passing without a resolution to this seems unacceptable.
>> Why have we switched SUMO to third-party software and pulled our own 
>> engineers without at least announcing this decision through the 
>> appropriate channels (this includes this mailing list) to allow 
>> people to voice concerns as to what this means for our products?
>> Can we switch back from Lithium and resource SUMO appropriately again?
>> dao
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