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Thu Mar 9 23:00:22 UTC 2017

First, let me state that I am generally in support of this type of change.

More comments below.

On Thu, Mar 9, 2017 at 1:53 PM, Mike Connor <mconnor at> wrote:

> (please direct followups to dev-planning, cross-posting to governance,
> firefox-dev, dev-platform)
> Nearly 19 years after the creation of the Mozilla Project, commit access
> remains essentially the same as it has always been.  We've evolved the
> vouching process a number of times, CVS has long since been replaced by
> Mercurial & others, and we've taken some positive steps in terms of
> securing the commit process.  And yet we've never touched the core idea of
> granting developers direct commit access to our most important
> repositories.  After a large number of discussions since taking ownership
> over commit policy, I believe it is time for Mozilla to change that
> practice.
> Before I get into the meat of the current proposal, I would like to
> outline a set of key goals for any change we make.  These goals have been
> informed by a set of stakeholders from across the project including the
> engineering, security, release and QA teams.  It's inevitable that any
> significant change will disrupt longstanding workflows.  As a result, it is
> critical that we are all aligned on the goals of the change.
> I've identified the following goals as critical for a responsible commit
> access policy:
>    - Compromising a single individual's credentials must not be
>    sufficient to land malicious code into our products.
> I think this is a good long-term goal, but I don't think it's one we need
to achieve now.
At the moment, I would settle for "only a few privileged people can
land malicious code into our products". In support of this, I would note
that what you
propose below is insufficient to achieve your stated objective, because
there will
still be single person admin access to machines.

>    - Two-factor auth must be a requirement for all users approving or
>    pushing a change.
>    - The change that gets pushed must be the same change that was
>    approved.
>    - Broken commits must be rejected automatically as a part of the
>    commit process.
> In order to achieve these goals, I propose that we commit to making the
> following changes to all Firefox product repositories:
>    - Direct commit access to repositories will be strictly limited to
>    sheriffs and a subset of release engineering.
>       - Any direct commits by these individuals will be limited to fixing
>       bustage that automation misses and handling branch merges.
> I think this is a good eventual goal, but in the short term, I think it's
probably useful
to keep checkin-needed floating around, especially given the somewhat iffy
of the toolchain.

>    - All other changes will go through an autoland-based workflow.
>       - Developers commit to a staging repository, with scripting that
>       connects the changeset to a Bugzilla attachment, and integrates with review
>       flags.
>       - Reviewers and any other approvers interact with the changeset as
>       today (including ReviewBoard if preferred), with Bugzilla flags as the
>       canonical source of truth.
>       - Upon approval, the changeset will be pushed into autoland.
> Implicit in this is some sort of hierarchy of reviewers (tied to what was
previous L3 commit?)
that says who can review a patch. Otherwise, I can just create a dummy
account, r+ my own
patch, and Land Ho! IIRC Chromium does this by saying that LGTM implies
only if the reviewer could have landed the code themselves.


>    - If the push is successful, the change is merged to mozilla-central,
>       and the bug updated.
> I know this is a major change in practice from how we currently operate,
> and my ask is that we work together to understand the impact and concerns.
> If you find yourself disagreeing with the goals, let's have that discussion
> instead of arguing about the solution.  If you agree with the goals, but
> not the solution, I'd love to hear alternative ideas for how we can achieve
> the outcomes outlined above.
> -- Mike
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