ANN: Default bug view for BMO changed today!

Benjamin Smedberg benjamin at
Thu Mar 2 16:58:43 UTC 2017

One other tip which really helped me: you can hit Control-E to go to bug
editing mode. I bet there are other cool keyboard shortcuts, but I don't
know if there's a guide or not.


On Wed, Mar 1, 2017 at 3:47 PM, David Lawrence <dlawrence at>

>    Today, the BMO Team changed the default bug view to the new modal
> view that has been in development for a while. For those who would like
> to use the old form, instructions on how to switch back are below in the
> background information. The old form will, however, be removed one day,
> so please try to use the new one and make suggestions on how it can be
> improved.
>     As some of you may already know, and maybe even have been using it
> for a while, the BMO [1] team has been working on a new bug view page
> (a.k.a. show_bug.cgi) for some time [2] . The older, stock bug form was
> not well laid out and was difficult to understand, with all of the
> fields visible regardless of how often they were used. The stock form
> was originally designed to  display all of a bug’s data, and users had
> to adapt their workflows accordingly. The BMO team designed a completely
> new and more efficient view for the workflows of the majority of BMO users.
>     The new bug-editing form has been added to BMO alongside the stock
> form and can be enabled by toggling a user preference [3]. We have been
> incrementally improving it and collecting feedback by those brave enough
> to use it early on. The new form is using more modern design practices
> and therefore is easier for us to improve and expand on. Any new
> enhancements will be done only on the new form going forward. It was
> code named ‘Bug Modal’ due to the modular layout of the page. Each
> submodule can be collapsed out of view and expanded when needed.
>     At this time we feel that the form is feature complete and has now
> become the new default bug form for BMO. We have finished all the
> blockers in our tracking bug report [4]. The older, stock bug view form
> will still be around, and you can use the user preferences form to
> switch back to the old one [3]. In the future, we will be removing the
> old form completely after fixing a few more bugs [6], and we will make
> another announcement before doing so. Removing the old code will make it
> easier on us from a maintenance standpoint. Any bugs, comments, or ideas
> for improvement of the modal form can be reported in BMO [5].
> Thanks!
> BMO Team
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]
> [4]
> [5]
> component=User%20Interface:%20Modal&format=__default__
> [6]
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