Sheriff Highlights and Summary in February 2017

Carsten Book cbook at
Wed Mar 1 11:05:57 UTC 2017


We will be more active in 2017 and inform more about whats happening in
Sheriffing and since its already March.... :)

In February we had about 13242 changesets landed on mozilla-central
monitored by Sheriffs.

(The high number of changes is because of the merge from servo to
mozilla-central with about 8315 changesets).

297 changesets were backed out in February.

Beside this Sheriffs took park in doing uplifts and checkin-needed bugs.

The Current Orangefactor is 10.43 (7250 test failures failures in 695
pushes in the last 7 days).
You can find the list of top Intermittent failure bugs here

You can find more statistics here:

A big thanks to the Team especially our Community Sheriffs for handling the
new Tier 2 Stylo Build on integration trees  and mozilla-central  and the
teamwork with the Developers!

If you want also to be a Community Sheriffs, as part of more blogging about
Sheriffing i published a blog post about it :

Let us know when you have any Question or Feedback about Sheriffing.

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