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Luke Chang lchang at
Mon Jun 19 10:24:14 UTC 2017

Hi Folks,

As you may have read from an earlier nightly blog post
an initial implementation of the new Form Autofill
<> feature was
enabled for testing on Firefox Nightly on desktop four weeks ago. In this
email, we are excited to walk you through more enhancements we have landed
so you can experience a much more polished flow.

The Form Autofill feature is now able to save your address automatically
when you submit a form. You will see a door hanger notifying you that
Firefox is saving the data so you can fill out the forms faster in the
future. You can always opt-out if you choose so. This new enhancement
allows you to immediately enjoy Form Autofill without manually creating an
address profile.

In addition, you can preview how addresses will be filled for you in
multiple fields when you hover over the autocomplete dropdown items. The
dialogs in about:preferences and the autocomplete dropdown have also been

The most important thing is that Form Autofill now supports many more
sites. We have implemented a heuristics algorithm to determine the data
type of fields when @autocomplete
is omitted. This means that you can take advantage of this Form Autofill
feature when you shop at most en-US e-retailers, e.g.  Amazon, Apple,
Walmart and more. How about giving it a try the next time you purchase
something online?

As always, more details will be updated on Form Autofill wiki page

Thanks and happy form autofilling,
The Form Autofill Team

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