Heads up! Building Stylo in local developer builds

Chris Peterson cpeterson at mozilla.com
Fri Jul 28 08:04:21 UTC 2017

Stylo support (pref'd off) has been built in automation builds for a 
couple weeks. Ralph Giles just landed bug 1384258 to also build Stylo 
support (pref'd off) in local developer builds, too. You should rerun 
`mach bootstrap` to make sure you have the latest versions of the Stylo 
and Rust dependencies.

Stylo currently builds on Windows, Mac, and Linux64. Linux32 is 
temporarily blocked by some build issues. Android support will follow 
after Firefox 57. Stylo adds a lot of new Rust code, which slows down 
Firefox build times. The Firefox build peers and Rust developers are 
working on a couple different methods to improve Rust build times.

If you don't work directly on Rust code locally, the biggest speedup 
available is probably sccache, a drop-in replacement for ccache that 
also supports Rust. Ted shared instructions for installing sccache on 
dev-platform earlier this week [1]. IIUC, sccache works best on Linux. 
There are currently some sccache bugs on Mac [2] and Windows (bug 1318370).

To enable Stylo for testing, set the "layout.css.servo.enabled" pref = 
true and report problems in the #servo IRC channel.


[2] https://github.com/mozilla/sccache/issues/163

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