ESlint Updates

Mark Banner mbanner at
Mon Jan 30 13:39:01 UTC 2017

Three quick notes about updates for things we're doing with ESlint and 

 1. There's a new help page on devmo with ESLint tips & advice:
 2. Jared has been posting about about rules being enabled on his blog:
 3. I have just landed enabling the no-undef
    <> rule for services/
    <> on autoland
    (assuming it sticks).

More information on no-undef:

  * I'm planning to enable it for toolkit/ and browser/ soon. This is
    likely to be a phased roll-out.
  * Due to the way our import system works (Cu.import and also xul/html
    files including multiple js files), detecting all the globals has
    been quite complicated. We're getting there, but it isn't perfect
    yet, but we've already been finding bugs and dead code, so the
    benefits are real.
  * The devmo page lists hints for working with no-undef
    <>. These should
    hopefully get simpler over time.

If there's any questions or comments, please stop by #eslint on irc.


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