PSA: Legacy extensions disabled by default on Nightly

Andrew Swan aswan at
Thu Aug 10 16:00:17 UTC 2017

After lots of recent discussion, it is finally happening.  The patch to
flip the default setting to disallow legacy extensions is in autoland at
the moment and, barring some snafu, should be in tomorrow's Nightly
builds.  This is a bit anti-climactic since a few other changes that have
already landed that broke a bunch of existing extensions.

Also this has been discussed in a few other threads but repeating here for
folks that may have missed it: there is a preference that Nightly users can
flip to re-enable loading of legacy extensions in the addons manager (of
course this setting won't magically make extensions that rely on the sdk or
any changed internal interfaces work).  We will continue to honor this
preference in Nightly builds and in unbranded builds, but when 57 (and
later versions) go to beta and eventually to release, that preference will
be ignored.  If you're familiar with addon signing and the circumstances in
which we allow it to be disabled, legacy extensions are handled in the same

If you notice any problems or have questions, you can contact me directly,
use the dev-addons mailing list, or drop into #webextensions on IRC.

:highfive:s all around!

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