Bookmark sync improvements in tomorrow's Nightly

Kit Cambridge kcambridge at
Mon Nov 21 19:03:34 UTC 2016

Hello firefox-dev,

I sent a longer version of this email to sync-dev@ and dev-fxacct at .
This is the abridged version.

Tomorrow's Nightly will include improvements to how we track bookmark
changes for syncing [1]. This patch fixes a number of issues with Sync
missing changes at startup, shutdown, and during a sync. These issues
manifest as missing or scrambled bookmarks on other devices, and block
iOS from enabling bidirectional sync.

This work is part of a two-pronged strategy to mitigate Sync bookmark
corruption. The other part is repairing existing corruption by
uploading missing bookmarks, which is coming next year [2].

If you're using Sync, I encourage you to install the About Sync add-on
[3], and validate your bookmarks [4]. We want to make sure the new
tracker doesn't introduce new errors. If you've been using Sync for a
while, it's likely you'll already have some validation errors. We want
to know about these, too, so that we can prioritize our repair
efforts. Please file new bugs in the "Firefox :: Sync" component on
Bugzilla, reply to this thread, or join us in #sync on IRC or Slack.

I'd like to give a special shout-out to Marco Bonardo, Mark Hammond,
Thom Chiovoloni, and Richard Newman. This work would not have been
possible without their patient guidance and insightful feedback.

- kit

[4]: Once you've installed the add-on, go to Tools > About Sync, and
click the "Validation" tab under the "bookmarks" collection.

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