RFC: Add a way for System Add-ons to dynamically register handlers for nsIContentPermissionRequests

Paolo Amadini paolo.02.prg at amadzone.org
Wed Aug 24 09:51:09 UTC 2016

On 8/23/2016 7:25 PM, Mike Conley wrote:
> What I suggest is that we alter nsIContentPermissionPrompt with methods
> for dynamically registering handlers for requests that might come up
> from content.

Seems like a use case for Integration.jsm:


> Normally I'd just go ahead and do this, but I know there's movement
> going on in the permission space right now (although I understand
> Control Center 2 is distinct from permissions), and I wanted to make
> sure I wasn't going to step on any toes before I did this.

I'd normally recommend to move most of the code in nsBrowserGlue.js to
its own module and make it the integration point, but as you noted
we're actively working on that code and also doing uplifts, so you can
add a separate ad-hoc integration point.

If there is a bug filed for adding this capability I'm happy to discuss
the details there.


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