Is firefox-backlog+ still useful?

Matthew N. MattN+firefox-dev at
Fri Jul 31 21:08:42 UTC 2015

I just had a realization that now that we're not using a single backlog for
all desktop work (we have various smaller project teams), it's not clear to
me what the purpose of the firefox-backlog flag is. There are 1629 bugs set
to '+'[1] which seems like a lot given that this flag was intended as a way
to mark bugs that we would likely work on in approximately the next 6
months. There are bugs in there that don't seem like they are actually
things we want to do.

I'm curious to hear how/if people are currently using the flag and whether
anyone is actually pulling bugs from there outside of bugs identified for a
specific project. There are searches for good bugs from
but I don't know if contributors are using them over bugsahoy.

Perhaps the backlog is the place where the upcoming quality teams will pull
from as its ideally  identifying important issues in all of our components.
A follow-up question would be if anyone is pruning this list?

Matthew N. (:MattN)

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