[desktop] Windows 10 testing summary - week 31 - Status Yellow (July 27th - July 31st)

Andrei Vaida andrei.vaida at softvision.ro
Fri Jul 31 12:09:02 UTC 2015


Please see below for the QA updates regarding *Windows 10 testing* for 
this week. All the details for this week can be found here: 

 1. *Status*
      * _Overall QA Health_ - YELLOW
          o The recently reopened MAJOR Bug 1179395
            <https://bugzil.la/1179395> is severely affecting the user
            experience in Tablet Mode.
          o Several bugs are still open and need to be fixed to ensure
            compliance with the proposed theme.
          o A few follow up/polish fixes required for specific theme
      * _Firefox 41 Developer Edition_ - SIGNED OFF
          o Apart from Bug 1179395 <https://bugzil.la/1179395>, which is
            currently affecting all branches, there were no blockers or
            major issues found affecting Firefox 41 in particular,
            therefore *we are signing off**Firefox 41 Developer Edition
            on Windows 10*.
 2. *Testing environment*
      * Firefox 41.0a2, as we focused this week on the Developer Edition
        sign off
      * Windows 10 Build 10240 (Pro, x64) with the latest updates
 3. *New bugs found this week*
      * MAJOR REOP Bug 1179395 <https://bugzil.la/1179395> - Launching
        Firefox from the tablet mode start screen hides the window on
          o _note_: affects all branches
      * NORMAL ASSI Bug 1189202 <https://bugzil.la/1189202> -
        [DevEdition + HiDPI] The location bar dropdown icon is too small
        on hover
          o _note_: affects 42 and 41
      * NORMAL NEW Bug 1189199 <https://bugzil.la/1189199> - [Windows
        10] The separators displayed for tab overflow should be solid
          o _note_: affects 42, 41 and 40
      * NORMAL NEW Bug 1188332 <https://bugzil.la/1188332> - Unnecessary
        glow for the history dropdown and Reload/Stop/Go icons on Windows 10
          o _note_: affects 42, 41 and 40
      * NORMAL NEW Bug 1189201 <https://bugzil.la/1189201> - Minimize
        and maximize window control buttons don’t have a visible hover
        styling on the dark theme
          o _note_: affects 41 only
 4. *Accomplished this week*
      * _Firefox 41 Developer Edition sign-off_
          o Regression and Exploratory Testing were performed on the
            latest Firefox 41 build, covering all areas that received
            fixes, including Tablet Mode.
      * _Bug fix verification_
          o We're currently tracking all the Windows 10-related uplifts
            and fixes in this etherpad:
          o *Verified 8 bugs*:
 5. *Testing activities planned for the upcoming period*
      * Triage the new bugs affecting Windows 10, in terms of
      * Verify any new fixes or uplifts pushed for bugs affecting
        Windows 10.
      * Run the Acceptance Test Suite if the Windows 10 "Service Release
        1" rolls out.
      * Perform exploratory testing on Tablet Mode using the latest
        Windows 10 build.

FYI – the results for previous weeks can be found at 


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