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Cameron McCormack cam at
Fri Jul 31 01:20:32 UTC 2015

On 27 Jul 2015, at 5:39 pm, Pawel Por <porparek at> wrote:
> Thanks all of you for information.
> It works like a charm :-) I still have one color to tune. When I
> highlight a text on a web page with a mouse cursor it will get a color
> just described in this thread (works great). Now question: when I
> focus to another window that is smaller than firefox window the
> highlighted color in firefox window changes. It becomes usually grey.
> How can I force it not to change when I focus another window.

You probably have to use Luís’ suggestion of using a pref for this.  Set ui.textSelectBackgroundDisabled to the colour you want for selections when the window isn’t focussed.
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