Detect changed preferences, match from blacklist and suggest reverting

Chris Ilias firefox-dev at
Thu Jul 23 23:17:30 UTC 2015

On 2015-07-16 6:11 PM, Saurabh Anand wrote:
> So I recently saw my friend, who's pretty non-technical, having his
> browser completely wrecked. He accidentally installed some software
> which installed some adware which made changes to the settings for new
> tab url, default search engine, what page opens when Nightly starts and
> many other things. I tried uninstalling the adware, the software which
> brought the adware and the changes still remained. I then searched
> around and found a user.js file in the profile which Firefox was using.
> I had to remove this file, reset each setting changes and finally
> Firefox came back to a usable state.

Right now, I think removing user.js support is the best solution. For 
more info, visit <>.

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