[desktop] Windows 10 testing summary - week 29 - Status Yellow (July 13th - July 17th)

Otilia Anica otilia.ginsca at softvisioninc.eu
Fri Jul 17 14:14:47 UTC 2015



Please find the QA updates regarding Windows 10 testing for this week.

All Details for this week can be found here:


1.       Overall QA Health - YELLOW

a.	YELLOW because 

                                                               i.      There
are open bugs still need to be fixed to ensure compliance with the proposed

                                                            ii.      Several
fixes are still pending uplift on Firefox 40 and on Firefox 41. 

2.       Testing environment:

a.       Firefox 40.0b4, 41.0a2, 42.0a1

b.      Windows 10 Build 10240 (Pro, x64)


3.       New bugs found this week: none


4.       Accomplished This Week

a.       Exploratory Testing 

Testing around the Windows search changes implemented in bug 1177237 using
two machines and a MS Pro 2 device.

Testing was performed on the en-US/de/es-CL/fr/it/zh-TW locales.

b.      Bug Fix Verification

                                                               i.      We're
currently tracking all the Windows 10-related uplifts and fixes in this
etherpad: https://etherpad.mozilla.org/Win10-uplifts 

Verified 3 bugs:


5.       Testing Activities Planned for the Upcoming Period

a.	Verify the new fixes landed/uplifted on Aurora 41, for bugs
affecting the Dev Edition sign-off.

Highest priority is bug 1172716
<https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1172716>  - Dev edition theme
is broken on Windows 10

b.	Triage the new bugs affecting Windows 10, in terms of
c.	Verify the new fixes landed/uplifted on Beta 40 for bugs affecting
Windows 10. 
d.	Run the Acceptance Test Suite on newer Windows 10 builds 
e.	Perform exploratory testing on Tablet Mode (Microsoft Surface Pro 2)
using the latest Windows 10 build. 

FYI - the results for previous weeks can be found at


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