Living in a Go Faster, post-XUL world

Eric Shepherd eshepherd at
Wed Jul 15 16:55:41 UTC 2015

David Rajchenbach-Teller wrote:
> I believe that the idea is that an addon with few/no privileges can be
> reviewed quickly – possibly automatically, or possibly by someone with
> less experience in the internals of the platform. At the moment, every
> addon runs with full privileges, which contributes to making AMO
> unresponsive (that and the fact that AMO is sorely understaffed).
Yeah, exactly. I was proposing levels of access to internals based on
permissions and the like because the more of the Firefox internals an
add-on wants to touch, the more time and effort AMO team will have to
invest in reviewing each update of the add-on. Add-on developers that
want to minimize this time will try to keep the permissions level as low
as they can.


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