new Firefox module owner: Dave Camp

Gavin Sharp gavin at
Tue Jul 14 00:58:16 UTC 2015

Almost 4 years ago, Mike Shaver handed me the reigns of Firefox module
ownership [1]. At the time, he said:

> While being an employee of Mozilla is by no means a necessity for module
> ownership in Mozilla, the Firefox module is so critical and so active
> that it really deserves the attention of someone who can spend 8(+)
> hours a day thinking, watching, and living Firefox.

That's still very true today, and given my departure as a full-time Mozilla
employee[2], I can't be that person anymore.

I think Dave Camp is the best choice to be the next Firefox module owner,
and so effective today I'm handing those responsibilities over to him.
Dave's Mozilla track record as an engineering leader and product owner is
unparalleled, and he's surrounded by a truly excellent team of engineers
that know Firefox inside and out. I'm very confident that he's the right
person to lead the next era of Firefox.

Please join me in congratulating and supporting Dave Camp.


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