Revisiting how we build Firefox

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Fri Jul 10 11:27:26 UTC 2015

On 9 July 2015 at 17:14, Eric Shepherd <eshepherd at> wrote:

> Mike Hoye wrote:
> I'm speaking a little past my pay grade here, so don't quote me on this,
> but my impression is that throwing XUL and XBL overboard will not on its
> own cause us to ascend bodily into Platform-Specific UX Heaven. It promises
> to make it a lot easier to work on problems like those you describe,
> though, for everyone who cares about making Firefox better.
> I agree with this; the problem of Firefox not looking like a standard,
> native app on each platform is well-known and long-running.


> We've gotten a lot closer over the years, but we have a number of things
> which are noticeably different, and others which are different in subtle
> ways that you don't quite see but are strangely disconcerting anyway.
> But we can't make fixing that a component of the work to switch from XUL
> to HTML for rendering Firefox's UX; this is a change that's been needed for
> a long time. Let's not overload it with additional requirements which can
> be attacked more easily after the transition period.

> *which can be attacked more easily after the transition period.*

All I wanted to hear :)

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