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On 2015-07-09 10:19 AM, Russ Thomas wrote:
> On 9 July 2015 at 08:29, Mike Hoye <mhoye at 
> <mailto:mhoye at>> wrote:
>     Those esoteric plaforms are "MacOS and Windows", where something
>     like 99% of our users are.
>     ... but we need to ship our software to our users as we find them
>     out there in the world on the hardware and OSes they have, not as
>     we might wish them to be.
> You make it sound like Firefox behaves on the target OS as the target 
> OS might expect an app to behave... but I know Firefox does not do 
> that on Windows. The Firefox window is anything but "standard", 
> including most of the window chrome and controls.  I (along with many 
> AHK users) wish it were.
> Maybe this initiative will change that?
I'm speaking a little past my pay grade here, so don't quote me on this, 
but my impression is that throwing XUL and XBL overboard will not on its 
own cause us to ascend bodily into Platform-Specific UX Heaven. It 
promises to make it a lot easier to work on problems like those you 
describe, though, for everyone who cares about making Firefox better.

Like a few people in this thread, though, you're talking about plans for 
the future of Firefox in terms of problems you have with Firefox as it 
is today, and I'd love to know if those problems have had bugs filed 
about them. It's really difficult for us to prioritize problems that we 
don't know our users actually have, and if a lot of AHK+Firefox users 
have the same settings because we're providing the wrong set of 
keybindings, that definitely sounds like something we want to hear about!

- mhoye

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