Three Pillars

Evan Langlois uudruid74 at
Wed Jul 8 22:17:08 UTC 2015

Its been awhile.   I haven't recently because its so many steps to
report.   When the browser crashes on going to a certain site (yes, I've
found sites that kill the browser) it used to give a form.   It doesn't
even do that anymore.

If I remember I can go to mozilla's site and instead of being directed to a
buzilla site, you get a form where you can report problems.   I don't even
think anyone monitors it, but the website seems to direct you to it.  I
didn't even know about the mailing list until Slashdot talked about it.

Where should I be posting sites that don't work properly?   Will anyone
look at them?   And why is it so difficult to figure out where to report?
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