Three Pillars

Evan Langlois uudruid74 at
Wed Jul 8 16:49:34 UTC 2015

If you really want to make Firefox great, stop focusing on all the 
bells and whistles and chat and plugins and all the crap.

I have to constantly switch back to Chrome to be able to use an 
increasing number of websites.  At this point, its becoming more 
convenient to use Chrome as my default browser.   When I report URLs 
that don't work (and sometimes even WHY they don't work), I get no 
feedback and the site still fails 3 or 4 revisions later.

I don't understand why core html rendering, javascript, and 
compatibility were not one of the pillars.  If your focus as a web 
browser is not on browsing the web so I don't have to switch to Chrome, 
then I might as well switch to Chrome!
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