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> On 2015-06-28 8:11 PM, M V wrote:
>> 2)  IMO, the binary size matters as well.
> We ship the developer tools as a matter of principle, not of convenience.
> Mozilla's vision for the Web is one where anyone can be a participant and a
> creator, not just a consumer. It's not free - believe me, it was way more
> expensive to make them than it ever will be to deliver them! - but it's a
> great deal, because storing those tools costs less than pennies, and having
> them right there when you want them is worth more than gold.
Just to echo that. Where I work I support both developers and end-users and
a lot of time we end up using devtools to troubleshoot things WITH the
end-users. I would ask users to try my instructions based on devtools and
ask them to submit a screenshot or whatever I need.
The reader feature is great for some use cases. I have used it to do
proofreading with my manager before we send out a RCA instead of just me
+++++ the page.

It just so happens I found Reader view in Firefox at that time.
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