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> On 2015-06-28 8:11 PM, M V wrote:
>> 2)  IMO, the binary size matters as well.
> Hard drive capacities have grown way, way faster in the last ten years
> than Firefox's on-disk footprint has, and they've gotten a lot cheaper at
> the same time. Even though Firefox does more for you and does it way faster
> than it ever has, on a Web that's vastly larger and more complex than it's
> ever been, the real cost of having Firefox on your hard drive has never
> been lower.
> Bits on the wire are a different story - and we certainly move a lot of
> those around, I tell you what - but those bits have gotten cheaper too. The
> series of tubes they cross has gotten bigger at the same time, if not as
> fast as hard drives. But for our users, every part of obtaining and storing
> Firefox today, devtools and all, is a lot cheaper and easier than it's ever
> been.

I think those considerations are very different on Desktop than on Mobile,
where the Chota Firefox project targets this:

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