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Mike Hoye mhoye at
Wed Jul 8 14:14:40 UTC 2015

On 2015-06-28 8:11 PM, M V wrote:
> 2)  IMO, the binary size matters as well.

Hard drive capacities have grown way, way faster in the last ten years 
than Firefox's on-disk footprint has, and they've gotten a lot cheaper 
at the same time. Even though Firefox does more for you and does it way 
faster than it ever has, on a Web that's vastly larger and more complex 
than it's ever been, the real cost of having Firefox on your hard drive 
has never been lower.

Bits on the wire are a different story - and we certainly move a lot of 
those around, I tell you what - but those bits have gotten cheaper too. 
The series of tubes they cross has gotten bigger at the same time, if 
not as fast as hard drives. But for our users, every part of obtaining 
and storing Firefox today, devtools and all, is a lot cheaper and easier 
than it's ever been.

We ship the developer tools as a matter of principle, not of 
convenience. Mozilla's vision for the Web is one where anyone can be a 
participant and a creator, not just a consumer. It's not free - believe 
me, it was way more expensive to make them than it ever will be to 
deliver them! - but it's a great deal, because storing those tools costs 
less than pennies, and having them right there when you want them is 
worth more than gold.

- mhoye

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