New Telemetry dashboards!

Vladan Djeric vdjeric at
Tue Jul 7 19:15:41 UTC 2015

It looks like there is some kind of bug with propagating the changes to the
(static) dashboard files in S3, somehow causing the old dash to be shown at for some users. Others are reporting dashes that
don't load.
Apologies for the (very embarassing) technical difficulties. I'll post here
again once these deployment issues are sorted out.

On Tue, Jul 7, 2015 at 2:26 PM, Vladan Djeric <vdjeric at> wrote:

> We noticed a lot of Mozillians struggle to use the Telemetry dashboards
> effectively. It can be difficult to interpret the graphs & numbers, hard to
> find or filter the data, and there is a risk of making the wrong
> conclusions. The dashboards needed an overhaul.
> Anthony Zhang, our summer intern, has been working on redesigning the
> dashboards over the last month. Blake Winton from the UX team gave us
> pointers on the UI, and people around the Toronto office helped us to test
> the prototypes. I think we have a much more user-friendly design as result.
> The new dashboards are here:
> I invite you to try out the new Histogram and Evolution dashes and leave
> your feedback here:
> Let us know if you find bugs, notice missing functionality, or if anything
> is ambiguous or counter-intuitive.
> FAQs:
>    - If you'd prefer to continue to use the old dashboard, we kept it
>    here:
>    - Anthony will soon be adding support for keyed histograms (bug
>    1151756) and count histograms (1172113) to the dashboards
>    - Anthony is adding a table view to the Histogram dashboards
>    - We also have prototype dashes connected to the new, "unified"
>    Telemetry backend (histogram
>    <> and evolution
>    <>)
>    - Dashboard source:
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