Firefox Nightly now plays Flash videos using Shumway

Chris Peterson cpeterson at
Fri Feb 13 02:26:28 UTC 2015

The Firefox Nightly channel now uses Shumway to play Flash videos on The Shumway team has been improving compatibility with Flash 
video players and will whitelist more Flash video sites soon.

Shumway will play Amazon's "Product Tour" and user-submitted review 
videos like these: (Click the Kindle "Product Tour" 
button on the left.)

Note that Shumway will *not* play Amazon's "Instant Video" films and TV 
shows. Those videos use Microsoft's Silverlight plugin for DRM.

This test is restricted to the Nightly channel on Windows Vista+ and OS 
X. Shumway needs H.264 video decoders that may not be available on 
Windows XP or Linux.

If you have any questions, please drop by the #shumway IRC channel. If 
you'd like to test Shumway on more websites, you can install the full 
Shumway add-on that is not limited to here:


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