Iteration 32.3 begins today!

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Tue May 27 13:45:04 UTC 2014

Hi Firefox-dev,

Firefox development iteration 32.3 — the third iteration of the Firefox 32 cycle — begins today. Now, three episodes in, the context is set and the major characters have been introduced; hopefully you’ve started to care about them. Time to do some real plot development.

The story coming out of the last two iterations has been largely that of crossing off all of our Q1 goals and starting new exploration. By 32.3, we’re accelerating into items related to our Q2 goals, moving from exploration into implemetation.

So, while all the bugs in the list are there on purpose and prioritized, keep these major priority themes in mind as you choose work:
Translation - we need to complete the final few lingering blockers for the translation trial
Sync Migration - we have lots of new sync users; it’s time to bring our old sync users along. Two breakdowns:
one for migration itself
one for issues with Master Password
Form Autofill — a Q2 goal, moving from feature breakdown into building
In-product Viral features — another Q2 goal, moving from user stories into design
The priority backlog can be found here:

As always, Chad, Gavin, and I are happy to answer any questions about the process or the backlog — just let us know.


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