The Inside Story on Iteration 32.2

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Mon May 12 22:47:06 UTC 2014

Hey there firefox-dev,

Two weeks ago, Gavin, Madhava and I promised to start each two week iteration by posting a summary of the major themes we're hoping to tackle in the course of that iteration.  Tomorrow is the first day of the 32.2 iteration (the second iteration during the Firefox 32 cycle) and so an update is called for!

As you'll recall the major focus for the last iteration, sensibly named 32.1, was to finalize some work related to our Q1 goals, specifically w/r/t Instant Translation and Directory Tiles experimentation.  We saw good results and ended last week with landing the first Directory Tiles experiment in Nightly.  We also made progress on Translation, but we need to continue that work in 32.2.  It's also time, after two weeks of celebrating the massive achievement of Firefox 29, to get after some Australis and Sync related fixes and enhancements that we knew would fast follow after release.  Lastly, we're kicking off some exploratory work in this iteration aligned with some major Q2 goals.

So, as we select our work during Tuesday's planning meetings, let's keep in mind these themes:
1. Standing up translation functionality to enable trial of the feature
2. Australis and Sync "1.1" fixes
3. Research and design work related to 64-bit builds, Tiles experiment #2 and in-product viral features

The priority backlog can be found here:

As always, we're happy to answer any questions about the process or the backlog.

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