restore default toolbar items and add-ons

Asa Dotzler asa at
Wed Mar 12 01:21:47 UTC 2014

First, Australis is gorgeous! (and nicely functional and fast and all 
the other good things it's supposed to be.) To those of you who have 
been killing yourselves for years to make this happen, wow, what a great 
job. You're probably too deep in the few tiny things that don't work 
just right to see how great the view is from a bit further away, so I'll 
say it again, gorgeous!

We have a great front end so thank you to the front end folks who make 
it happen.

(I don't talk with y'all enough these days and I figured I'd sneak in 
some praise with my "concern.")

With Australis we're finally going to have a killer toolbar 
customization story instead of that crap that Joe and I left you with 
about a decade ago. There's just one part of it that's not taking care 
of users first. We've given add-ons the ability to claim to be part of 
our default set of buttons. I think this is wrong.

Add-on toolbar buttons should not be allowed to claim to be "default" 
buttons and be restored to my toolbar when I tell Firefox to "Restore 
Defaults."  This button should do what it claims to do and what users 
will expect it to do. It should undo what everdamage has been done to 
the user's toolbar, whether self-inflicted or by way of a pushy add-on.

I'm raising this here because I think this is more of a policy question 
than implementation issue. Also, to the folks that implemented all of 
this customization and restore functionality and even the restore add-on 
parts, it all seems to work great and I think you did an excellent job. 
I can't keep my mouse off of it :)

- A

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