Firefox + KDE integration: Getting FF to use Dolphin reliably. 12+ years and counting.

Justin Dolske dolske at
Mon Jul 7 20:13:40 UTC 2014

On 7/3/14 1:44 PM, grantksupport at wrote:

> There are LOTS of users that use Firefox on Linux in a KDE environment.

Keep in mind this is is a very relative number -- _All_ Linux usage 
represents about 3% of Firefox usage. We have 7x more _Windows XP_ users.

> It's been reported as a bug in Firefox 12+ years ago & has spawned
> multiple other bugs.

KDE support hasn't been a priority for Mozilla, nor is it currently a 
priority. Getting better support for KDE into Firefox will need to be an 
effort driven and sustained by the KDE community.

> There's a fix/workaround in Opensuse (pkg: mozilla-kde4-integration;
> although it's not been accepted in current state @Firefox for upstream
> inclusion.
> Afaict, discussion & activity are basically dead.

It appears that way. Of the bugs you listed, only bug 528598 has any 
patches (from over a year ago), part of which seems to a forked copy of 
the biggest piece of browser UI (browser.xul). I'd suggest that if 
someone in the KDE community is interested in getting fixes upstreamed 
to Mozilla, the first step will be to break things up into small pieces 
that can be reviewed and committed individually.

That said, there should probably be a discussion if we even want to 
accept such patches -- 12 years without significant contributors 
suggests any KDE code in the Mozilla tree would quickly break/bitrot 
without someone actively maintaining it.


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