Firefox + KDE integration: Getting FF to use Dolphin reliably. 12+ years and counting.

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Thu Jul 3 20:44:53 UTC 2014


	I've cc'd this to multiple lists to garner interest; ultimately,
	I believe the solution needs to be in/at Firefox.
	I'd suggest that any discussion continues @
	<firefox-dev at>

There are LOTS of users that use Firefox on Linux in a KDE environment.

For those that do, integration with KDE's Dolphin filemanager -- e.g.,
for "Open containing folder ..." after download -- is needed.

It's been reported as a bug in Firefox 12+ years ago & has spawned
multiple other bugs.

There's a fix/workaround in Opensuse (pkg: mozilla-kde4-integration;,
although it's not been accepted in current state @Firefox for upstream

Afaict, discussion & activity are basically dead.

Atm, is still doesn't work natively in Firefox.

Hacking around it DOES seem to work -- both in Opensuse packaging
(though, in #ic today, another soul failed at getting THAT to work), and
(for me, at least) building kmozillahelper natively for upstream's

Multiple distros have, at various times, released pkg'd versions of
Opensuse's patches -- with varyiung, intermittent success.

Chrome & Chromium both seem to have worked Firefox+KDE integration out
-- both integrate with KDE nicely, apparently using (?) xdg-utils.

My end-user goal *here* is to get a fix into upstream Firefox, and have
that picked up by the distros.  To start, I hope this rekindles
recognition of the need for a fix, gets the right DEVs talking to one
another, and gets those who can help, to help.  It's been 12+ years --
clearly something's not working, and needs grease.

A couple of the initial/earliest bugs that provide some issue history:

	Bug 140751 — NEW — Integrate Mozilla with KDE

	Bug 528598 — NEW, mozilla — provide a class to check for KDE
	environment and to interface with kmozillahelper

	Bug 528510 — NEW — [Tracking] Port OpenSUSE KDE Integration for

; I'd bet there are more.

I hope we can move this ball forward!


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