The future of the Holly branch

Jared Wein jaws at
Wed Feb 5 17:06:32 UTC 2014

Hey firefox-dev,

Australis has now merged to mozilla-aurora. As discussed previously, Holly is the backout-branch for Australis[1]. Holly will now start getting merges from mozilla-aurora instead of mozilla-central, as it followed Australis to the Aurora phase.

Current usage numbers of Holly are around 150 daily weekday and 125 daily weekend instances.

By the time that Australis has merged to mozilla-beta, we will discontinue moving Holly forward to the beta branch. A large backout of Australis while on beta will be unreasonable to the QA community, as well as add-on developers.

We have a few options for how to handle Holly once Australis has merged to mozilla-beta:
1) Do nothing. Holly will become out of date, and users will eventually switch to a different build on their own. It is easy to make an assumption that many of the Holly users are technically proficient, and will be able to handle switching build channels easily.
2) Figure out how to update Holly users to start running:
  2a) Release, which will give them 6 more weeks of non-Australis.
  2b) ESR, which will give them many more than 6 weeks of non-Australis.
  2c) Nightly/Aurora, since Holly users were originally on the Nightly train.

Based on the usage numbers, I am in favor of option 1 since there doesn't appear to be enough users to justify the extra work associated with any of the 2x options.

We will need to make a decision on this by 6 Feb, 11:00 -8GMT.


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