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Fri Aug 29 22:12:02 UTC 2014

I believe what was meant by that is that some less trustworthy advertisers 
may serve unrevised content, and that content might happen to be the "law-
enforcement-hacked flash video". And beside that, activating *all* Flash 
elements at once is both more memory consuming and CPU workload-heavy. I 
don't think there still are sites with more than one or two Flash elements 
around, but it happens. Also not everybody uses an ad blocker, so clicking 
on a YouTube video sometimes may lead to a distracting animated ad being 
loaded next to it.

But to be honest, the change that seriously bothers me isn't really the fact
that all elements are loaded by a click on a single element. The doorhanger 
that always opens and requires an additional click is pretty damn 
irritating, and so is the notification panel. If this thing was open for 
voting or whatever, I would vote for the doorhanger removal.

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"On 28/08/2014 00:54, mailinglists at wrote:
> Can you please add that feature back. There are reports now that two 
> security firms are selling tech to law enforcement that allows them to 
> legally own a system though a youtube video. I dont want firefox 
> development to get a bad reputation of deliberately removing security 
> features that are meant to protect your users.
How does click-to-play-per-element, as opposed to 
click-to-play-per-page/site, help against that threat vector? It's not 
like you'd be able to tell apart the law-enforcement-hacked flash video 
from the "normal" flash video from the grey "click to play" box...

~ Gijs
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