Click to play (per element) recent changes to firefox 24 and up

Gijs Kruitbosch gijskruitbosch at
Fri Aug 29 21:52:00 UTC 2014

On 28/08/2014 00:54, mailinglists at wrote:
> Can you please add that feature back. There are reports now that two 
> security firms are selling tech to law enforcement that allows them to 
> legally own a system though a youtube video. I dont want firefox 
> development to get a bad reputation of deliberately removing security 
> features that are meant to protect your users.
How does click-to-play-per-element, as opposed to 
click-to-play-per-page/site, help against that threat vector? It's not 
like you'd be able to tell apart the law-enforcement-hacked flash video 
from the "normal" flash video from the grey "click to play" box...

~ Gijs

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