Click to play (per element) recent changes to firefox 24 and up

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Wed Aug 27 23:54:11 UTC 2014

I appreciate the ton of work you guys do, but forgive me for saying I 
think removing the click to play per element feature is a backward step 
in security. I know you say that its too confusing for people. But 
humbly speaking that was an option within the about:config settings. 
Nobody even uses those settings to make changes to their browser except 
people who know what they are doing.

Can you please add that feature back. There are reports now that two 
security firms are selling tech to law enforcement that allows them to 
legally own a system though a youtube video. I dont want firefox 
development to get a bad reputation of deliberately removing security 
features that are meant to protect your users.

I know there is a plug-in that restore that feature, but I have seen 
plugs get disabled without the users control before so that avenue is 
red herring.

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