Getting rid of popup windows for good

Rimas Kudelis rq at
Tue Aug 26 17:23:23 UTC 2014


2014.08.26 00:37, Jared Wein wrote:
> I often encounter these tactics in use on more shady websites. It can get very annoying, and the content of these can trick people into installing malware on their machine or getting phished.

if you want an example, visit The Pirate Bay (, search
for anything downloadable (e.g. Ubuntu), and when you get to the torrent
list, just click anywhere in the page. You'll get a pop-under window.

Same happens even after adding this website to the popup blacklist.

Note that they're trying not to be too annoying, so you have to clear
cookies if you want to have that pop-under window opened again within 24

> It would be nice if we had some better control over this, or a simple way to blacklist a site from within primary UI (maybe showing a variation of the popup-blocked icon in the location bar that when clicked can offer to blacklist the site).

>From my understanding, the popups are currently considered blocked by
default, so having a website in the blacklist is only makes that default
explicit. The problem is that the block policy (neither block by
default, nor block explicitly) does not apply to the whitelisted event
handlers that I mentioned in my original posting.\

Then again, I believe that whitelisting the websites in which you
actually want pop-ups should be just as trivial as blacklisting those
where you don't, but the number of these is probably much bigger.


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