Getting rid of popup windows for good

Manish Goregaokar manishsmail at
Mon Aug 25 23:37:37 UTC 2014

I mostly come across legitimate popups, but they also seem whitelistable.
However, this breaks the flow of the page and you sometimes will have to
reload to get the full benefit, depending on how the popup was meant to be

Am I correct in assuming that this is for popups and not for
open-in-new-tab (which can also be used for)? Just as it's
pretty common to manually wire up "smart" links that use
`document.location` and click handlers, it's also somewhat common to do the
same for middle click, I *just* wrote a patch for rustdoc which uses in response to a click event for making middle-click on certain
things work -- if as a whole was blocked, this would get in the
way of sites which use JS for opening things in new tabs.

-Manish Goregaokar

On Tue, Aug 26, 2014 at 4:40 AM, L. David Baron <dbaron at> wrote:

> On Monday 2014-08-25 15:48 -0700, Gavin Sharp wrote:
> > How do most "pop-behinds" work? I've certainly seen those, and I have
> > a hard time thinking of valid use cases for that behavior (they have
> > been 100% annoyance in my experience).
> > Someone figuring out how to block those would be great - probably
> > relatively tricky.
> Another possibility for pop-behinds (and perhaps popups in general)
> is to close any popups that the user hasn't interacted with when the
> user leaves the site (for some definition of site that's probably
> broader than single page) by navigating away or closing the tab.
> -David
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