Send Tab to Device

Richard Newman rnewman at
Mon Aug 25 17:41:26 UTC 2014

> 1. Before leaving work, I opened a tab, then pushed the Sync button in
> my hamburger menu. Upon opening up Firefox on my phone, my work Mac
> appeared as last synced 18 hours ago (e.g. last night). I tried to
> refresh the Sync tab in the Android tabs widget by scrolling down to
> refresh, but that didn't bring any change.

There are two factors that affect that time:

* It's the time that the remote device last synced, but:
* It'll only be updated when the Android device syncs and sees the remote device's changes.

When the Android device decides to sync is a little complicated, but pull-to-refresh should take care of it, unless you're hitting a rate limit.

Please file with logs if you see reproducible oddities here.

> I'm also
> questioning the mental model of the pull-to-refresh thing on the Sync
> tab, since it doesn't appear to have the expected effect of syncing
> with the FxA server.

It does, but the sync is not instantaneous. You should see the spinner appear in the notification bar for a moment, then the tabs list should update.

I see problems with this, so I filed Bug 1058106.

> 2. The Sync tab in the Android tabs widget has lots of old
> devices/profiles/stuff that's no longer relevant. I'm not sure how I
> can remove those.

You can't yet. Bug 620706, Bug 799120, Bug 821532.

They should expire after a few weeks.

> 3. On the other hand, the page I get at
> when I do that seems to need
> horizontal scrolling on my MBP with full-screen browser window,
> despite the content being pretty narrow.

I'm not sure how that page is relevant; the Android UI is largely native.

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