Feedback for improving Mercurial

Gregory Szorc gps at
Wed Aug 20 00:39:59 UTC 2014

There will be a large gathering of Mercurial contributors August 29-31 
to discuss the future of Mercurial and to set an agenda for improving 
it. Proposed topics are listed at [1].

Mozilla is one of the largest consumers of Mercurial and the Mercurial 
community is always keen to hear what we have to say.

We'd like you're feedback about your Mercurial needs, wants, and 
shortcomings so our "delegation" can advance them.

Please voice and vote for feedback at the following site:

I encourage you to list anything even tangentially related to Mercurial, 
including issues that are perceived as Mozilla-specific (such as Try 
problems), are shortcomings of Mercurial against alternatives (such as 
Git), or even noting lack of interest in Mercurial due to e.g. GitHub's 

If you have nuanced or detailed feedback that won't fit in the 
moderation tool, please send me an email.

Thanks for your feedback.


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