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Tue Aug 19 20:04:45 UTC 2014

Hello all,

I know that there is a bunch of confusion in the wake of the recent reorganization of b2g, so let me set things straight. There is no new QE department. The QA team is still the same folks, although part of it is in the B2G org, part of it is in the Services org, and the core QA team are still in the Platform org.

This little "QE" moniker that was used here is indicating the aspirational shift that we'd like to make to move Quality Analysis at Mozilla toward a more "Quality Engineering" orientation. This means we are trying to shift toward deep diving into the technology behind the features we're testing, making better use of automation, being more proactive, being more data & metrics driven, being more experimental in ways that we do the work we do (with community, trying new approaches), etc. 

This "engineering" orientation toward Quality will be a hallmark of the unified voice for Quality at Mozilla that we are striving to create. I know that many developers across the org are also interested in this, and we invite you to be a part of that too.

There will be much more to come on all of this, and you should start to see some small things changing in the Quality teams as we move toward that "Engineering" direction. We aren't going to change the names of all the "QA" things right now, we are going to focus on earning the "engineering" moniker first before we change anything else.

Hope that clears up the confusion.


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Hi Marc,

Can you shed some background on the change in name from QA to QE? Does QE stand for Quality Engineering, whereas QA is Quality Assurance? What are the differences between the two? Do we now have two different teams/departments?


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> Subject: New QE-Verify Flag in Bugzilla
> A short while ago we had a discussion about how to stream line some QA
> processes (Desktop QA - Bugzilla keywords: Proposal on dev-quality) and
> reduce the bug spam generated by setting keywords and whiteboard tags
> (Bugspam generated by the new process on firefox-dev). The final resolution
> of this discussion was to have a new Bugzilla flag created, qe-verify, that
> would replace the current use of QA+/- whiteboard tags and the verifyme
> keyword. This will give you the ability to easily filter out any activity on
> the flag instead of needing to have multiple filters for keywords and
> whiteboard activity as well simplify our queries for tracking work to be
> done in QE. The use of other keywords (qawanted, qaurgent, steps-wanted,
> regression-window-wanted, testcase-wanted) will remain the same.
> Currently this is only implemented for Firefox QE, other teams are more then
> welcome to adopt if so desired.
> Details:
>  New Flag: qe-verify[?|+|-]
>   qe-verify[?] = triage request
>   qe-verify[+] = bug to be verified
>   qe-verify[-] = bug will not/can not be verified
>  Deprecate use of:
>   Whiteboard tag: QA[?|+|-]
>   Keyword       : verifyme
>  The component list the flag can be set for is:
>   Core                   -- Any --
>   Firefox                -- Any --
>   Firefox for Android    -- Any --
>   Firefox for Metro      -- Any --
>   Firefox Health Report  -- Any --
>   Firefox OS             -- Any --
>   Loop                   Client
>   Loop                   General
>   Mozilla Localizations  -- Any --
>   Mozilla QA             Mozmill Tests
>   Mozilla Services       -- Any --
>   NSPR                   -- Any --
>   NSS                    -- Any --
>   Plugins                -- Any --
>   Snippets               -- Any --
>   Toolkit                -- Any --
> If there is a component that I missed please let me or the bugzilla team know
> so we can fix it.
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> firefox-dev and dev-platform. Please follow up on dev-quality.
> Thank You.
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