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Dirkjan Ochtman dirkjan at
Tue Aug 19 16:16:42 UTC 2014

On Tue, Aug 19, 2014 at 3:01 AM, Richard Newman <rnewman at> wrote:
> Building a non-Sync-integrated push-based replacement is on the mobile
> team's very long to-do list, for what that's worth.

I tried to use the Sync-tab thing some more over the past few days,
and noticed a few issues. Please advise if I should file on this.

1. Before leaving work, I opened a tab, then pushed the Sync button in
my hamburger menu. Upon opening up Firefox on my phone, my work Mac
appeared as last synced 18 hours ago (e.g. last night). I tried to
refresh the Sync tab in the Android tabs widget by scrolling down to
refresh, but that didn't bring any change. Now, when I just looked
again, my work Mac appears synced and has the tab I wanted before.
I've been using my work Mac all day, though, so I don't understand why
my phone doesn't have a more recently synced thing. I'm also
questioning the mental model of the pull-to-refresh thing on the Sync
tab, since it doesn't appear to have the expected effect of syncing
with the FxA server.

2. The Sync tab in the Android tabs widget has lots of old
devices/profiles/stuff that's no longer relevant. I'm not sure how I
can remove those. Even though they're sorted by most-recently-used, it
still feels messy to me. I googled around and couldn't quickly find
any way to remove old devices. I clicked the Manage button from the
Sync preferences page and that didn't seem of help.

3. On the other hand, the page I get at when I do that seems to need
horizontal scrolling on my MBP with full-screen browser window,
despite the content being pretty narrow.



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