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Tue Aug 19 01:01:48 UTC 2014

Android should trigger a sync within thirty seconds of launching Fennec (or at least browsing to a page), assuming you have background syncs turned on and aren't in a backoff state — the initial touch of the browser DB should assure that. 

If not, please file a bug under Android Background Services :: Sync. 

Background syncs should also be relatively more frequent in FxA Sync than old Sync, but of course they're still pull-based. 

Building a non-Sync-integrated push-based replacement is on the mobile team's very long to-do list, for what that's worth.

(Phone; please excuse brevity.)

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On Mon, Aug 18, 2014 at 4:43 PM, Gavin Sharp <gavin at> wrote:

> That add-on was mentioned in the original post!

It was, but the original post suggests that the add-on doesn't work with
new sync when in fact it's been working fine for me. Or as fine as it can
given you have to wait for Fennec to do a sync or force it manually.
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