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> On 11/08/2014 21:45, Benjamin Smedberg wrote:
>> My hope is that it won't take long at all to write a daily report: 1-3 minutes. You know what you worked on today, and you should know what you're planning on doing tomorrow. I would strongly encourage you to do these daily reports at the end of the day, not the beginning, since everything will be fresher. I'd like feedback on whether this takes more than 3 minutes and if so why and whether more tooling would help!
> It does take more than 3 minutes. Not least because Gavin's original post explicitly asks to do them at the beginning of the day.
> For one, looking up the relevant bug IDs for my reviews, patches written, helping out QA with verification, etc. takes upwards of 3 minutes, especially on Monday because "yesterday" is now Friday, so good luck remembering what you did 3 days ago (and/or what others did to bugs where you were waiting on them)!

FWIW, i’ve tried to track and write down items when task-switching etc., but send them out the next day. Maybe not perfect, but that resolves the issue with digging for activity 1-3 days later.

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