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Just wanted to add to what Richard has been saying. In the mobile team meeting, we found two common themes: 
1. People didn't like to read aloud the list of work they finished and had in progress 
2. People didn't like to read what other team members had finished or were working on 

This presented a challenge for Brad and I, as team leaders. We wanted the team to be up-to-date on what each other were doing. It helped knowledge transfer and assisted in getting a larger "feedback" cycle on WIP patches or new work. 

To try to help both issues (#1 and #2) we turned to a tweaked system where a person could just add <readonly> work items to the agenda. This helped with #1. The meeting master (me for example) has the responsibility to scan the agenda list (or just be aware of what the various team members are working on from bugzilla and IRC) and do "audibles" during the meeting. For example, if I see someone has a readonly section, but has an item I felt the rest of the team should be aware, I will call it out and potentially ask the person for more details. Sometimes this leads to a general discussion among the group. Other times, I will asked pointed questions about a readonly item to draw out a discussion. Lastly, I will make sure specific team members are aware of another person's readonly item because they should help review it or they might need to use the code/feature in their own work. 

In general the meeting goes faster, team members don't just read their status, and the group is made aware of some of the high points that might have otherwise been missed or glossed over. It's not perfect, but what is? 


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> Thanks for the frankness!

> We solve the potential tedium in the mobile meeting (which as you can see
> from the notes is big) by marking updates as readonly. The meeting master
> uses their understanding of context to call out anything relevant as they
> go.

> Our weekly meetings are often done in half an hour. Product/partner/etc stuff
> goes in the product meeting, which is 30-60m and relatively lively.

> I fear my daily updates would largely be "wrote a lot of emails and commented
> on a lot of bugs; if you should know, you were CCed". Heh.
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