firefox development process changes

Gregory Szorc gps at
Mon Aug 11 20:47:32 UTC 2014

On 7/29/14 4:41 PM, Gavin Sharp wrote:
> I mentioned this in today's status meetings, but wanted to re-summarize
> here for discussion. Madhava, Chad and I have been working with Marco
> Mucci and Jenn Chaulk to implement some changes to the Firefox
> development process to reduce "Carry over" work and address common pain
> points.
> We're planning to implement the following changes at the start of the
> next iteration (34.2, starting next Tuesday).
> Changes in Iteration 34.2:
> - we're going to cap the size of the selected work based on historical
> team performance. The cap is a rolling cap that will adjust dynamically
> as team performance changes over time. This work will be the team's
> commitment. If committed work is complete, the team is free to pick up
> more work at your discretion, but not at the cost of committed work.
> - any carryover will be reviewed and count towards the cap of selected
> work. The first part of the planning meeting for this iteration will be
> dedicated to carryover review, where we will decide whether to drop or
> carryover any existing work.
> - A priority backlog draft will be sent out to firefox-dev the Thursday
> before the Tuesday planning meeting for broader review.
> - All estimation will be performed asynchronously via a Google Docs
> spreadsheet, and points will be reviewed for outliers which can be
> discussed separately. The goal will be to have all work estimated by the
> planning meeting (between Thursday and the following Tuesday).
> - We will eliminate the Tuesday status meetings entirely. In their
> place, we will ask all team members to provide daily updates via
> bsmedberg's status tool. Updates should be short and submitted at the
> beginning of your day, and mention what you accomplished yesterday, what
> you plan to do today, and anything you're blocked on. Your updates
> should include specific status updates for each of the bugs that you're
> committed to: "work in progress", "in review", or "landed".

Will managers be providing status updates as well? I am far more 
interested in what management is up to than my IC peers in the Firefox 
Team because knowing what management is up to will help me better plan 
for the future.

Also, I think there are benefits to everyone using the same system 
(shared understanding and empathy, etc).

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